For those who wish to take advantage of our ongoing 2 to 1 matching funds opportunity and bring the Be Fair Be Vegan campaign to their (or another) location, a full set of Be Fair Be Vegan materials will be provided, including brochures, leaflets and posters, as well as banners and t-shirts. We can also provide Be Fair Be Vegan materials to independent activists who are prepared to cover the cost of printing and shipping. For an idea of the cost, please visit VistaPrint and email us for details.

Vertical banners can be ordered as ‘retractable banners’ (banner stand included) or vinyls that can be displayed on a wall or attached to a separately purchased banner stand.

Horizontal banners,  2.5' x 8'. Same image selection as the postcards.


Be Fair Be Vegan is an animal justice campaign run by Be Fair Be Vegan in partnership with Gentle World. The first high-profile vegan campaign in the US to present the end of all animal use as a prerequisite for a fair and just society, it was launched in New York City in August of 2016. Campaign designer, Joanna Lucas. Campaign spokesperson, Angel Flinn. All content subject to copyright.